AIX Software Links

Last updated April 1st, 2000

These are links to sites which have software (mostly free) specifically for AIX. Of course, there are many free, portable programs available as source code on the Internet, and most of them run well on AIX without modification. These sites below, though, have specialized versions of some packages which are otherwise difficult or cumbersome to install, or which provide special features for AIX.

UCLA AIX Library
Extensive library of freely-available software compiled for all versions of AIX, including mainframe variants.
Even larger library of free software compiled for RS/6000 AIX systems.
Some disk analysis tools
For checking fragmentation.
ZeroFault demo
Software fault analysis tool.
Network utilities
Libpcap, tcpdump, and arpwatch.
IBM's free software site
AIX versions of Abuse and Quake, plus IMAP and POP servers.
IBM's software links
Includes links to free software and pages with trial commercial software.
IBM's AIX tools
Mostly free; includes "fixdist" for getting O/S patches.
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