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Last updated 5 September 2000
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Here are a number of packages I've written or modified for AIX.

Port of ANU ppp-2.3
Here's a patch that makes the popular ANU ppp-2.3 package work on AIX 4. It includes fixes to the man pages, and a patch for the important Deflate (CCP) bug that ordinarily panics a Unix kernel.
ppp-2.3.11 source 796692 bytes
ppp-2.3.11 patch 39515 bytes
ppp-2.3.9 source 768540 bytes
ppp-2.3.9 patch 38108 bytes
To install, do this (assuming gcc and GNU patch):
	gunzip -c ppp-2.3.11.tar.gz | tar xf -
	cd ppp-2.3.11
	gunzip -c aix-ppp-2.3.11-diffs.gz | patch -p1
	make install

IBM's patch will fail. If you don't have GNU patch, download the package from Bull or the source from GNU.

For xlC, see the aix/Makedefs file. You need to change a few variables there first. (I haven't tested with xlC.)

FFT shared libraries
Shared library build of fftw-2.1.6 distribution from Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson <>.
Installp package 714520 bytes
Original source  

XAnalyser (spectrum analyzer) by Arvin Schnell. Requires FFT shared libraries above.
Installp package 128833 bytes
Original source  
Modified source 30196 bytes

MIDI support
This is an AIX port of the standard 'timidity' MIDI player package and the Netscape plug-in. This is available as a 'tar' file of just the binaries, or in installp format, or as a tar of the sources.
Installp package 8651253 bytes
Binaries only (no libs) 171230 bytes
Source code 500426 bytes
AIX changes in timidity (diffs) 3451 bytes

This port is based on the timidity source, copyright 1995 by Tuukka Toivonen <>, the UMP plug-in source, copyright 1997 by Lawrence T. Hoff, <>, and the Netscape developer's plug-in example, copyright 1996 by Netscape Communications.

Original timidity 151638 bytes
Original UMP  
Netscape Plug-ins  
Local copy of timidity files
Timidity 151638 bytes
MIDI library 288283 bytes

MS-DOS file system
This utility allows you to mount MS-DOS diskettes as though they were regular Unix file systems. It includes support for fsck (similar to chkdsk) and for mkfs (similar to format).

There are two ways to get this software, either as source code or as an installable package:

Source code 41321 bytes
Installp package
93830 bytes
256000 bytes

You'll probably want to download by using the right mouse click and "save link as" rather than clicking directly, or just use anonymous ftp to

To install the installp version, just do this. (You'll have to uncompress with gzip first if you get the .gz version.)

	installp -ac -d carlson.pcfs- all

To install the source version, just do this:

	gunzip -c pcfs-1.0.tar.gz | tar xf -
	cd pcfs-1.0
	make install

You'll need to be root to do the installation. Use "man pcfs" to see how to get started.

CD ROM file system
Frustrated with the bugs in cdrfs? Here's a horrible little program that allows you to mount standard ISO 9660 and RockRidge CD-ROMs and avoid those random errors that occur in IBM's cdrfs when directories get large or when files are located at odd-numbered extents. (I call it "horrible" because it's just a hack, and it can be excruciatingly slow in execution. It does have the strong advantage of simply working, though. Even memory-mapped files, which are necessary for executing programs from CD, work, though in a most kludgy manner.)

The only version available is the source, which has been tested on AIX 4.1.5 using gcc. Sorry, no documentation or other help is available. If I ever figure out how the silly strategy() routine is supposed to work under AIX (Sun-style calls to iodone just cause kernel panics), I'll re-release this with some documentation.

This software is available with no warranty whatsoever. If it causes your kernel to panic or if it grows hair on your palms, that's your problem. If you don't like that policy, then don't use the program. Long ago, the source was based on IBM's example device driver code from their web site, but I've changed it so much that it doesn't resemble much of anything anymore. Don't blame them either. Use it as you wish. I'm placing this version of the program in the public domain. Subsequent versions that I release might be GPL'd or copyrighted in other ways.

If you find or fix bugs in it, I'd appreciate a message about it. Drop a line to me at

CD-R Mastering
There's no need to pay the $1000 that Jodian and GEAR are asking for CD-ROM mastering software on AIX! There is a very good and free utility which does the same thing.

I have the following versions of mkisofs/cdrecord available for download:

Of course, you can also retrieve the original cdrecord version 1.6 from the server in Germany.

My modified version of cdrecord uses standard Gnu autoconf so that it should be much, much more portable. I've eliminated it's dependency on a "proprietary" version of printf(), and I've removed the unnecessarily complicated and non-portable Makefiles.

Please read these usage notes for cdrecord on AIX.

I also have older, hacked 1.5 source code and installp format module, though you probably don't want these.

Do not use the stock version of cdrecord from Jörg Schilling's ftp site, even though it claims to support AIX. It does not. It WILL unceremoniously panic your kernel, and the README file included with it is wrong.

If you don't already have Gnu's gzip, you'll need to fetch either the self-extracting precompiled or source code version of that utility and install it first in order to decompress these files.

Digits of PI
I've compiled and created an LPP of Dara Hazeghi's PI digit calculating program. I don't do much with it, but it appears to work and be rather fast.

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