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Last updated 8 August 2015

Public Links

Book: PPP Design, Implementation, and Debugging

I have written a book on PPP (the standard Point-to-Point Protocol used for network access over serial links) which is published by Addison, Wesley, and Longman.

Last updated May 6th, 2005.

AIX Software

I have a number of utilities and references for AIX systems, including an MS-DOS file system driver, a replacement CD-ROM driver, a CD-ROM mastering package, and a short list of sites with free AIX software.

Last updated September 5th, 2000.

Other Software

I also have two little hacks available. One converts standard ical information into Microsoft Outlook's "vfb" format, and the other one converts from Microsquat Outhouse ".vfb" back to ical. Of course, the MS version has less information in it, so it's not a direct transform, and the scripts are very poorly written and assume (!) that you're in the EST time zone. If they're useful to you, you're welcome to them.


Family Links

Our children, Madeline and Ben. Last updated August 8th, 2015.
Pictures from Kendally and Jeff's wedding. Last updated May 28th, 2005.
Donna's party. Last updated July 26th, 2001.
Our fireplace interloper.
Flying pictures. Last updated August 23rd, 2009.

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